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Stop the Algarve, I want to get off!

Dear Editor, What with the A22 toll, open cast mining in Monchique, high voltage cables over villages, and now it’s…wait for it…  more fun for golfers!

Value Added Tax (IVA) is a raging 23% here in Portugal for what are termed as luxury goods, including energy supplies, most food and drinks, hotels, camp sites and other amenities.

And this government  wants to cut  this tax for the playing of golf to 6%, which is the same rate for essential foods!

So, the average holiday maker and resident will subsidise a pastime for those who in the main can afford it .

Exactly who came up with this idea and what was his/her motive? Any chance of seeing the projected mathematical accountancy figures for this idea? Of course not.

Golf courses are private concerns just like other private businesses and should be treated as such.

Portugal needs to get itself out of debt and the whole of the holiday industry needs investment but not in this unjustified, narrow focused and outrageous manner.