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Stop targeting our kids!

Two-thirds of parents aren’t aware that junk food manufacturers are using internet games to target children, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and the Children’s Food Campaign (CFC).

Half of parents are also unaware that games and quizzes are used on food and drink to attract the attention of children, and a third of parents didn’t know that celebrities or cartoons are used to promote food and drink to kids.

The report by the BHF and the CFC argues that the current system of voluntary self-regulation of non-broadcast material is clearly failing, and that tough new rules to tackle the increasing problem are needed.

“Junk food manufacturers are laying a multi million pound honey trap for children. They are luring kids into their online playgrounds or stalking them on food packaging at the breakfast table”, says Betty McBride, BHF Director of Policy and Communications.

Did you know that children under 16 spend some 13 million pounds sterling every week on sweets in the UK alone?

To fight this growing problem, the BHF is carrying out an online petition.

If you’d like to add your name and tell the government to place a complete ban on marketing junk food to children, please visit