Stop blaming the EN125

Dear Editor,

I have read many stories referring to the EN125 as the road of death. Please stop blaming the road and focus on the diabolical behaviour of the vast majority of road users.

I agree the EN125 is in need of some much-needed repairs in places, but that is no excuse for the total lack of regard for other road users shown by so many. Road rules and speed limits are nonexistent. My list of lunatic practices is as follows.

Tailgating. Following a half metre behind is not safe. Arm hanging out of window, not looking when entering a roundabout, cyclists flaunting the law, approaching blind bends on the wrong side of the dividing line. Last but by no means least, the ridiculous habit of overtaking on blind corners and hills. The list goes on.

I have never witnessed a more disturbing disregard for the lives of others and the “I am the king of the road, get out of my way” attitude. This behaviour is shared by all. Young, old, male, female. They all share some death wish.

Lastly, this is not confined to the EN125. Pick any narrow village side road and see for yourselves the devil may care driving. I challenge your paper to go out between Faro and Tavira with cameras for a week and set up on bends, hills, side roads, and watch the horror that will unfold before your very eyes.

I have experienced this first-hand on many occasions and it is not funny. Until the great majority of drivers change their idiotic life-threatening ways, many more deaths will occur. Having a licence is a privilege, not a right.