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Stolen pool heater

Dear Editor, When I returned to my house near Almancil last week, I was shocked to see that my swimming pool heater had been stolen from my garden, despite my security precautions, which included gates, walls and fences. 

A high voltage cable had been cut when the heater, which weighed over 90kg, was removed.

I have read in the Algarve Resident of increased crime levels but I have never heard of the theft of such an item.

I have of course reported the matter to the GNR in Quarteira, but perhaps I could ask your readers to let me know if they are offered a Zodiac PSA Edenpac 3 swimming pool heater  as a ‘reconditioned’ or second hand model or perhaps just without a manual.

These heaters are very expensive, retailing at well over €6,000, and I would like to help other Algarve residents by putting a stop to this kind of theft before it becomes widespread.

Edward Carter, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Edward, thank you for your email. Rather than ask readers to contact you, we prefer that they contact the Quarteira GNR who are responsible for the case now. Readers who may suspect that they have been sold a stolen swimming pool heater, should call 289 310 420