Still not enough evidence for any arrests

A press conference held by the Policia Judiciaria on Thursday, May 17, confirmed that there is still insufficient evidence to allow them to make any arrests.

The PJ continues to follow new leads and to review items taken from the homes of Robert Murat (who remains an arguido) and Sergey Malinka (who was questioned as a witness). Both men are said to be concerned about the effect that their questioning by police in Portugal will have on their lives.

Spokesperson for the PJ, Olegária Sousa said that there are many things which cannot be discussed or confirmed due to the Secreto Justica, but that the case remains a dynamic investigation.

Meanwhile, according to the PJ, more buildings are being searched in connection with the abduction of Madeleine.

Fourteen days on there remains no confirmed sightings of Madeleine.