Maria de Jesus Rendeiro in the company of her husband (centre), now a fugitive from justice

Still no trace of fugitive banker after wife claims he is in South Africa

The whereabouts of fugitive banker João Rendeiro are still unknown. The former president of BPP, who months ago justified his decision to flee Portugal as a means of clearing his name through international courts, continues to successfully evade Portuguese authorities.

Reports Correio da Manhã tabloid, his wife Maria de Jesus – who was arrested this month due to her alleged involvement in the sale of art works impounded by Portuguese courts – told PJ police that her husband was in South Africa but that she did not know the exact location.

PJ police followed the lead, but it did not pan out, the tabloid adds.

According to CM, Maria de Jesus also claimed she spoke with her husband every day and knew about his plan to flee the country, having opted to not join him.

Several international arrest warrants have been issued, says CM, adding that the former banker cannot return to Europe or visit several countries such as the USA with whom Portugal maintains close legal relationships.

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