Still no sign of missing British yachtsman

As the festive holidays finally draw to a close there is still no sign of missing British yachtsman Robin Warde, last known to have been aboard his catamaran Kleen Breeze which was moored in Ria Formosa, off Culatra island.

According to reports, Warde – an experienced sailor – was last in contact with his wife by email on Tuesday (December 26). Since then, he has not responded to any attempts at making contact, which led his wife to raise the alarm.

Authorities first boarded Kleen Breeze last Friday and “found the heating still on”, says noticiasaominuto.

Warde’s computer and mobile phone were also discovered, raising fears that he may have fallen overboard.

The theory gained momentum during a subsequent visit with divers in tow which found a sodden bathrobe “trapped under the boat”.

Nevertheless without a body there can be no certainty thus searches are continuing, says the news service, with local fishermen also primed to be on the lookout.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã, the Kleen Breeze had been moored in Ria Formosa for some months.

Warde, 65, a former specialist consultant in the oil industry, rebuilt (and renamed) the 20-metre ‘proa’ (multihulled boat) after purchasing it in November 2016.

It was ‘launched’ last summer, when Warde gave an interview with sailboat website harryproa (click here).

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