Still looking for the truth

Dear Editor,

In response to the vitriol from Jean Bartley, Joana Morais is entitled to her opinions in just the same way that you are, though hers are shared by a massive number of people (including many British subjects). But in referring to her and her “followers” as evil you have crossed the line and I suggest a retraction.

You state as a fact that the McCanns were cleared – this is simply not true. Their status as arguidos was removed as is required by law in Portugal after a certain length of time if no charges are brought. This does not mean that they were cleared or that they have been proven innocent.  

You ask why the McCanns would continue to look for Madeleine if they had killed her. Perhaps you should reflect that many murderers join in the search for missing children – Ian Huntley did precisely that after killing Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham just a few years ago.  

Perhaps you know something more than me, but I want to know why the McCanns refused to answer any of the police questions, why they left Portugal upon being made arguidos despite their earlier claim that they would never leave without Madeleine, why they called Sky News before the police when Madeleine disappeared, why they immediately assumed that she had been abducted to the exclusion of all other possibilities, why they agreed to a lie detector test then refused when it was offered.  

No, Ms Bartley, this will not go away, but I commend reading the booklet from the Madeleine Foundation and perhaps you, like many others, will come to realise that the McCanns and their Tapas cronies are not whiter than white.