Still life and moving art.jpg

Still life and moving art

THAT IS the name of the latest art extravaganza produced by the Friends of São Brás Museum. The inspiration for the event was the immensely colourful and vibrant film Frida, based on the equally extravagant life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

The concept that this exhibition aims to embody is that life itself is a form of art, and here in the Algarve we have the opportunity, and luxury, of making it rich and, hopefully, beautiful.

In this exhibition, there are artworks capturing a piece of life, and elements from everyday life being used as art in a positive and joyful way. Two very different examples are a witty sculpture by José Pereira of a woman with a moving windmill on her head, and stunning photographs by Kärsti Stiege of Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala.


Other artists participating in this special event, which opens on June 9 in the art galleries and grounds of the museum, are Gertrud Dürnholtz (stained glass light sculptures), Deva Veldman (found objects beautifully transformed), Margaret Robson (decorated chairs and tables), Kerstin Wagner (paintings), Anna Theeuwes (silk hangings), José Pereira and Peter Legat (sculptures).

Kärsti Stiege will be holding a practical workshop on woodblock printing of fabrics, using blocks brought from India. The finished fabrics will dry in the summer breeze in the grounds of the museum, as Jouk leads a display of her most stylish clothes – art for the body.

Other forms of living art will be added nearer to the date, so check the website of the Friends of São Brás Museum for further details and timings.