Still about the Brexit

Dear Editor,

Sorry, but despite so much reliable information, if you look, there is still a lot of fear and absolute rubbish written, especially last week’s letters and online polls. Much better was the repeat information by the ambassador and positive item from the chamber of trade, plus the outstanding article by John Westwood on p28 last week. But how many bothered to read it?

So facts: sterling is low and affects our pension, but currency markets do vary, often influenced by traders out to make a fast buck. A far better UK measurement is the FTSE 100, all major international companies, solid with an average dividend (interest) of 3-4%. Huge surge forward since Brexit vote. UK unemployment is low; there is growth.

A recent TV business interview showed SMEs happy, with potential; one saying that they would now buy more stock in UK and Carpetright CEO saying that they have 149 EC stores and the future is positive, while two others are investing and expanding in EC. So why the negative, media-fed?

The only problem is political parties. The conservatives prefer to fiddle and entertain themselves while Rome burns. Labour want to destroy themselves, in reality not due to Brexit but because they, MPs, don’t accept that they no longer appoint a leader from the Westminster village and SNP are just exploiting a crisis.

Scotland will not leave the UK as a separate Scotland will be forced to accept an ever more centralised EC, the Euro and ECB (central bank), which means less real independence than they have now. EC reform is not possible due to the mindset and deep-rooted attitudes.

Why should the UK stay? Euro has problems, growth does not exist, unemployment is high; and our corruption and banks? As for the old chestnuts, trade will still go on and people will still move.

EC cannot afford to cause problems to tourists or property buyers – look at the Algarve’s property market. There are plenty of EC leaders and John Kerry (US Secretary of State) reassuring everyone, if you just pay attention.

So as many are saying, if you listen, be positive, think rather than talking the UK down. And as John Westwood said, there are opportunities. In fact, now is a good opportunity to buy UK stocks; but only with guidance and medium- to long-term aim and care, thought. Please, look forward, be positive.

Brexit must happen despite what marchers in London bray for or, unwisely, Tony Blair says. Better for him to worry about Chilcott. Let’s all work together. Democracy must win.

D Taylor Smith
By email