Steps taken to raise breast cancer awareness

news: Steps taken to raise breast cancer awareness

A COLLECTION of life-size pink dolls has been decorating the entrance to Lisbon’s Assembleia da República (parliament) building. The dolls form part of a campaign to raise breast cancer awareness.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Assembly President, Jaime Gama, as well as representatives from Forúm Europa Donna Portugal (a branch of the European breast cancer coalition) and the Portuguese League against Cancer. On the chests of some of the dolls it is possible to read the following words: “Eu sou 1 dos 4,000 casos anuais de cancro da mama em Portugal” (“I am one of the 4,000 annual cases of breast cancer in Portugal”.)

Gama praised the initiative, saying he was “conscious of the need to educate the country about this great scourge”.