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Stephen Gately funeral

The Boyzone singer’s funeral took place last Saturday in his hometown of Dublin. A private mass was held in the Gately’s home the night before, followed by a funeral service in St. Lawrence O’Toole’s Church.

Last Friday, the other members of Boyzone flew out to Majorca to accompany Stephen’s body home. Louis Walsh, former manager of the band, also attended the funeral. He said that Gately will be remembered as a “great, great professional” and that he and the band are “devastated”.

Stephen Gately, 33, was found dead on Saturday, October 10, in his Majorcan holiday home, where he was staying with his civil partner Andrew Cowles.

There was widespread speculation in British newspapers that the singer had been taking drugs or heavily drinking the night before his death, but the post-mortem examination did not confirm this and concluded that he died of “natural causes”.