Steady development in the fishing sector

The Secretary of State for the Sea, Manuel Pinto de Abreu, said last week that the fishing and transformation sectors have “grown steadily” in the last two years, which shows an adaptation to the modernisation of the sectors.

“There has been a significant development over the past two years which shows that the sector has known how to adapt itself to new times and to a new outlook on the commercial value of the sea,” he said.

According to the Secretary of State, who participated recently in a sea-related seminar in Faro, the development is a sign that these sectors are “not a problem but quite the contrary, they are a virtue of the national economy”.

“Everything related to the economic aspects of the sea shows a significant development, which is clearly a counter cycle trend which we not only want to maintain but also improve,” he stated.

Speaking of the Algarve, which is known for its tradition in the canning industry, he applauded the fact that the region “has known how to keep up with the changes and modernisations, in the sense of keeping some of its representativeness in the sector, and contributing to the great asset that the Portuguese sea represents”.

It is therefore necessary to continue accompanying the changes and work towards development, he said.

Portugal’s fishing sector “is known as one of the best in sustaining its sea activity,” he added.

“Many investments still get caught in the bureaucratic web that exists and the government is committed to simplifying these processes.”