Stay warm or keep cool with Penguin

Now in its second year of business, Penguin specialises in air conditioning as well as energy-efficient solar and heat pump systems for homes and pools.

Covering the Algarve, their cartoon-logo yellow vans have been catching the eye and gaining a reputation for service.

Modern air conditioning heats efficiently as well as cools, and the latest systems also have air purifiers to reduce dust and odours, offering a healthier indoor environment.

Penguin was founded on its air-con expertise and offers a choice of brands across the price range.

Apart from new installations, the company offers a fast-response maintenance and repair service, which is important, especially during the summer heat.

Solar systems offer a cost-efficient means to heat domestic water or swimming pools, and are ideal in the Algarve‘s sunny climate. “We’re seeing a sharp rise in demand for solar systems due to a combination of factors, the tight economy, environmental awareness plus a wider appreciation of the systems themselves,” said director Chris Blackburn.

Alternatively, many homeowners are opting for energy-efficient heat pumps for domestic water and home heating, with under floor or radiator systems.

These work much like air-conditioning but switched in reverse, they extract low-grade heat from the outdoor ambient air and upgrade it to supply hot water and heating.

Operating at a significantly lower cost than a gas boiler, heat pump systems work effectively year-round, even in the coldest Algarve temperatures.

For more information, please contact Penguin on 289 092 595/ 910 700 777 or email [email protected].

Alternatively visit the website, available in English, at