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Statue of King Dom Carlos unveiled

ON THE 100th anniversary of the assassination of Dom Carlos I in Lisbon’s Terreiro do Paco a statue of the ill-fated Portuguese king was unveiled by the Duke of Braganza in Cascais on Friday, February 1.

At the ceremony, presided over by the President of Cascais Câmara, António Capucho, the President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, praised the king as “a man of the sea” with a “combination of rare gifts.”

Dom Duarte Pio, direct heir to the Portuguese throne, helped unveil the monument next to the town’s Cidadela in the Passeio de Dona Maria Pia before later laying a wreath of flowers in Terreiro do Paco.

It was around 5pm on the afternoon of Saturday, February 1, 1908 that the King, and the Crown Prince, Dom Luis Felipe were shot by Republican ‘Carbonario’ assassins as they made their way in an open landau with Queen Dona Amelia across Terreiro de Paço having arrived by train from a hunting trip in Vila Viçosa.

The monument was blessed by Father Pedro Quintela and attended by the Duke of Braganza’s eldest son Afonso, aged 11.”

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