State makes use of 1495 ‘seized’ vehicles

The Portuguese State has shown true creative thinking in the way it is dealing with cost-cutting in its vehicle budget.

The last six and a half years have seen the country’s fleet reduced by 2,021 vehicles, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Making up the shortfall has thus come from ‘vehicle seizures’ which currently account for an extra 1495 top flight sets of wheels put to the nation’s service.

A bit like the tanked up Audi R8 removed from a drug trafficker by the name of “bug” (Bicho), and said to have once belonged to footballer Di Maria (click here), likely vehicles are press-ganged into national service at every opportunity.

They now account for 6% of the nation’s fleet, says CM.

Other ways round increasing cut-backs are rentals (3%) and donations (1%) – the latter of which are usually medical or rescue vehicles.

As an aside, the paper says the manufacturer most favoured by Portuguese state departments and entities is Renault.