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State accommodation free of ghosts


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A COUNCIL in England paid a psychic to exorcise a supposed poltergeist from state housing after the distressed occupants threatened to leave if something was not done.

Easington Council in County Durham said the family could not be persuaded to stay in the house with the ghost and decided it was cheaper to pay a psychic ghost hunter 120 pounds than pay for emergency housing.

The Fallon family told the press that they heard banging from the loft, saw items fly across rooms and had doors slammed in their faces. They called police, who found nothing, so they called in psychic Suzanne Hadwin and asked the council to help pay.

“This is the first time we have had to take such a measure”, a council spokeswoman said. “However, the tenants were extremely distressed at the time and we therefore believed it was the most appropriate course of action.”

The psychic said that the evil presence was linked to the murder of a woman in the house years earlier. The family are reported to be happy to stay in the house now.