Starving horses “saved by locals” in Estarreja

A tearful video posted on Facebook about horses starving to death with “absolutely nothing to drink” in a field in Estarreja has resulted in action, and appears to have saved the lives of three gentle creatures.

The tragedy is that these animals had been starved for years, Rute Costa told Correio da Manhã.

But the worst has been averted and the horses, all mares, are now being fed back to health.

In a post uploaded this morning, animal rights group IRA has thanked the local municipality and GNR environmental police, the local vet and others who stepped in and finally righted a terrible wrong.

The post has been shared multiple times, but IRA’s big question, as always, is “why did it take so long?”

“Why weren’t the animals given to third parties when it was crystal clear the owners could not ensure their wellbeing?”

As far as IRA is concerned, there are “innumerous private associations” that should have stepped in much earlier, and they were all therefore complicit in the animals’ extended suffering.

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