Starving horses finally removed from ‘horror farm’ in Alentejo

The 53 horses left on a horror farm where over 15 animals starved to death have finally been removed to a place of safety.

Last week, the story of how 104 equines had been ‘apprehended by authorities’ but left even so in the care of the man under whose watch they were dying resulted in practical help arriving at the property in Abegoaria, Ferreira do Alentejo (click here).

But too many animals remained at risk – awaiting the chance of a new life.

This came on Friday when the horses left standing were transported by trucks organised by the DGAV (veterinarian authority) and IRA (animal rescue charity) to a ‘new owner’ who runs a farm outside Évora.

Two sadly didn’t make it. IRA reports that they had to be euthanased “to put an end to their suffering”.

The dramatic image (above) shows horse number 10 being loaded into a trailer to take him to ‘a much better place’.

IRA’s photo caption read: “10 done, 43 left to go. The night is young…”

Reporting that the animals were on their way, tabloid Correio da Manhã made no mention of where authorities are in the process of censuring the animals’ previous owner for their neglect. It is understood the horses endured ‘several months’ with almost no food or water.

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