Starting point for sailor’s solo journey around the world

Dutch teenager Laura Dekker started her solo journey around the world on her yacht Guppy from Gibraltar on August 21.

She had been due to depart from Portimão but the Portuguese Navy did not authorise it for legal reasons (also read story in the Algarve Resident August 20 edition).

According to the Navy, the teenager did not have the correct documentation to enable her to navigate a sailing boat of that type.

A spokesman said: “According to Portuguese legislation, the teenager did not have the necessary conditions to leave the port of Portimão on a trip like this.”

Laura Dekker, 14, and her father left Portimão on August 17 for Gibraltar, where she embarked on her solo adventure around the world in her yacht.

She will turn 17 on September 20, 2012, and has just over two years to break the record for youngest solo circumnavigator, which now belongs to the Australian Jessica Watson.

In May this year, Jessica Watson completed her seven months solo journey around the world three days before turning 17.

For more updates on her journey, please visit (available in English).