Faust teachers Matilde, Sofia and Susana
Faust teachers Matilde, Sofia and Susana

Start a new chapter in your life

Is the language barrier hindering your ability to fully immerse yourself in the community? Whether you desire to engage with locals, experience a sense of belonging, pass the CIPLE exam to satisfy residency and citizenship requirements, or simply communicate with vendors at the local farmers’ market, learning Portuguese has become a necessary step towards achieving these goals.

The thought of learning Portuguese can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. FAUST language school – accredited by the Ministry of Education – has a proven track record of helping people to learn Portuguese.

The teachers are native speakers and highly qualified. The small class sizes, the use of real-life situations, and the non-threatening, yet challenging lessons are designed to make the learning experience fun, authentic and, most importantly, effective.

However, what is notable about Faust, and what sets it apart from other language schools, is its communication-focused teaching approach. The focus is on the student communicating and using the language in genuine and real-life situations, giving students early confidence to use Portuguese outside the classroom, in their everyday life.

Start your lessons at Faust and it won’t be long until you say those tentative first words in Portuguese. A complete CIPLE Exam Preparation Course is also available.

Depending on your preferences, lessons can be private, group, on-site, online, regular courses, crash courses, and summer courses.

Faust also offers the same unique and highly effective language courses in German, English, French, and Spanish.

Located just outside Quarteira on EN396, Faust can be reached via phone at 289 301 356 or email [email protected]

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