Photo: Arek Adeoye/Unsplash

Start 2024 walking or running in Porches

The event is suitable for people of all ages and adaptable to all lifestyles

Porches, in the Lagoa borough, will host a walk/run event at 10am on Sunday (January 14). It is a non-competitive event which aims to encourage residents to “increase their levels of physical activity to improve their overall health.”

These ‘marcha-corrida’ (walk/run) events are held frequently in the borough as part of a partnership between the Municipal Council of Lagoa and the Portuguese Sports and Youth Institute (IPDJ).

The events are suitable for people of all ages and adaptable to all lifestyles, with the goal being to provide a fun and active day out while exploring the municipality.

This particular event will take place in the town of Porches, allowing participants to choose between a 5km or 10km route.

Registration can be made for free via email ([email protected]), in person at the municipal council offices and parish unions or councils, or on the day of the event at the starting point, which will be the Porches sports field (polidesportivo).

Participants are advised to bring their own individual water bottle.

“Come and participate, engage in healthy and age-adapted sports, and perhaps put one of your New Year’s resolutions into practice,” the local council says in a statement.