Stars in the kitchen

Vila Joya restaurant near Albufeira is to receive some of the world’s top chefs for a special display of ‘gastronomic art’ during the third Route of the Stars (Rota das Estrelas) event to be held on October 19 and 20.

The invited chefs, all having been distinguished with Michelin stars, will be cooking from Chef Dieter Koschina’s kitchen during the two-day gastronomic event.

Diners will be able to try culinary creations by Silvio Nickol (Palais Coburg), Jacob Jan Boerma (DeLeest), Vítor Matos (Largo do Paço), Hans Neuner (Ocean) and Ricardo Costa (Yeatman).

The menu costs €195 per person, excluding the wine menu of Dirk Niepoort wines.

2013 Tribute to Claudia

Vila Joya’s highly regarded international gastronomy festival, ‘Tribute to Claudia’, is taking place from March 8 to 17.

Celebrating its seventh year in 2013, the exclusive festival attracts a worldwide audience of gourmet food-lovers and features top chefs from around the world.

The event was originally started as a tribute to the founder of Vila Joya, Claudia Jung who passed away in 1997.

For 10 consecutive nights, Dieter Koschina’s kitchen will be the stage for dozens of top chefs, who will be showing off their skills in international haute-cuisine.

Each day features different chefs presenting their gastronomic creations accompanied by the best national and international wines.

Vila Joya restaurant received its first Michelin star in 1994 and the second in 1998. For 13 years, it was the only restaurant in Portugal to have been awarded two Michelin stars.

This year, it was voted 45th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine.

Chef Dieter Koschina’s dishes are prepared with only fresh produce and ingredients from Algarve markets. The chef has been influenced by French and German haute-cuisine.