Stardom beckons for Yorkshire expatriates

Chris Lane and her husband Trevor recently became local celebrities, after spending a day being filmed by the Yorkshire regional television news programme, Calendar.

After responding to an article, which appeared in The Resident, for Calendar’s series of short features, focusing on people from Yorkshire, who have made a new life for themselves in the Algarve, Chris and Trevor, originally from Doncaster, a gentleman from Rotherham, who now lives in Alvor and a family from Lincolnshire, now living in Lagos were all selected to appear on the small screen.

Led by television reporter, Rachel Philips, the Calendar team visited the Lanes at their Junk & Disorderly shop in Moncarapacho. Speaking to The Resident, a few days after filming, Trevor, who came to live in the Algarve with his wife Chris over four years ago, and opened Junk & Disorderly in September 2005, described their business: “Junk & Disorderly is a second-hand shop and we sell everything. It’s probably easier to say what we don’t sell – clothes and broken computers.” With the programme focusing on expatriates, who have experienced a successful relocation to the Algarve, The Resident asked Trevor about how successful his business was: “Well, it definitely pays the rent, with a little bit extra in my back pocket for a rainy day,” he said. “I used to be involved in contract cleaning in the UK, but I’ve always fancied selling junk! Chris and I thought about setting up over there, but it always seemed to be put on the back burner. When we moved to the Algarve, we thought it would be a good time to start up, and it’s worked out well. Everything has been positive, and I can not knock the Algarve in any way, I even supported Portugal in the World Cup!”

The Calendar film crew also visited Chris and Trevor’s’ home in Santo Estevão, but this time it wasn’t to interview them … they wanted a word with Trevor’s mother-in-law. “She moved out here when she was 82, I think that’s quite rare!”

When asked about the whole experience of being filmed, and interviewed about their new life in the sun Chris commented: “It was great fun to be interviewed by Calendar and I am looking forward to seeing myself on the small screen! I didn’t quite know what to expect, but the Calendar team were great, and made us feel really at ease.

“We have a great life here in the Algarve, we are very pleased at how Junk & Disorderly has taken off and, with this great opportunity, we have also been able to publicise it both here and back in Yorkshire.”

The Calendar features begin showing this week on Yorkshire’s six’o’clock news programme, and the series will culminate with a competition for viewers to win a holiday to the Algarve, with flight tickets being provided by  

Jo Orgill, Marketing Manager in Portugal and Spain said: “When Calendar asked us to assist with this project, we were delighted to help. Not only did it give us the opportunity to promote flights to Faro from Doncaster to Calendar viewers, but it also enabled us to meet some of the people who live in the Algarve, who fly back with to Yorkshire. We hope all the interviewees enjoyed their moment of television stardom, and wish them a continued happy life in the Algarve.”