Stamps with a message

WITH THE objective of appealing to the Portuguese public to care for their pets over the summer holiday season – a time when many animals are abandoned by their owners – the Post Office has issued a special set of stamps.

There are four different designs featuring popular pets: a dog, a cat, a guinea pig and a parrot, all of which have been designed by artist Vasco Matos. The new stamps are available now, from around half a million machines at post offices around the country.

Meanwhile, a special limited edition set of three stamps has been launched under the theme ‘Environmental Protection’. The designs have been produced by the studio of Acácio Santos, based on illustrations made by José Projecto. The stamps call attention to the need to protect the forests from fires, giving the Mata Nacional do Buçaco as an example. The collection also covers the theme of extraordinary trees, depicting the chestnut trees of the Serra de São Mamede.