Stained glass windows light up Silves cathedral

A STUDENT at the adult education centre in Harvey Road, Guildford in the UK, has had two of his stained glass windows accepted by Silves Cathedral.

John Scott made the windows at Rachel Milligan’s stained glass course. He brought the completed windows to the Algarve and they have now been placed in the 15th century chapel of the Jago de Rego within the cathedral.

Padre Firmino Dinis of the cathedral is delighted with the gift, which replaced two earlier windows that had become weathered beyond repair. John said that seeing them in place for the first time was an emotional experience: “Though the windows are small and of simple design, they are now in a national monument and will be there for centuries.

“I feel honoured and indebted to the adult education centre, which has run the stained glass window class for the past four years at the Guildford centre.”