Stadium on wheels

A touring Coca-Cola ‘stadium’ will arrive in the region next week. First stop for the transportable entertainment centre, which has been touring Portugal throughout Euro 2004, is Largo de Mercado in Tavira on June 30. Organised by UEFA and Coca-Cola, the stadium hosts are Marina Santiago and João Gamboa from SIC television. The portable stadium contains a large stage with a giant screen and there will be lots of different activities and attractions, including live music, karaoke, competitions and the chance to win Coca-Cola souvenirs. The event will begin at 6pm and there will be live coverage of the Euro 2004 semi-final match.

The stadium will then move on to Silves football ground on July 1, and will show the second semi-final match. The final stop on the tour will be in the Fatacil Parque in Lagoa on the July 4 for the final game of Euro 2004. The match will be followed by a concert at 10pm. Called Coca-Cola-Portugal A Cantar, the show will feature Portuguese musicians including Miguel Angelo Miguel Gameiro, Filipe Goncalves, Anabela, Sofia Barbora and Sofia Gaspar. José Manuel Rodrigues, the event organiser, has confirmed that everyone is welcome to come along to the stadium and that the entry is free at all three of the locations.