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St Tropez tanning all year round

Six years ago, as a beauty salon owner in the UK, Simone Head found herself looking at an alternative to tanning by the natural sun or the solarium.

The sunbed seemed to be losing its appeal. This was initiated by the adverse publicity that was being passed around the British media in various forms, health publications and glossy magazines were concerned about the associated health risks and ageing properties of UV rays. Global warming was not making this any less harmful.

Simone’s background as a former British Airways stewardess had made her aware of personal grooming and skin care. Traveling to various parts of the world, she experienced the harmful sun in various degrees from the Equator to the Tropics.

Coming to the Algarve three years ago, she saw many examples of skin damage from UV rays and was convinced to continue her business in supplying a safe and effective way of tanning quickly and effortlessly.

Simone had used St Tropez in her business in the UK and knew that the colour and quality of the tan could not be surpassed. Celebrities endorsed the spray tan; a beautiful Mediterranean tan can be achieved within 10 minutes effortlessly and clients have a perfect flawless finish without streaking. It has been very popular with residents who seek to avoid the ageing effects of the sun and is an ideal way of starting a holiday looking your best. By having regular tanning sessions, you can achieve a healthy glow all year round.

Flamingo de Bronze has now become the first company to set up tanning centres throughout Portugal. They are the official distributor for St Tropez and offer not only the supply of equipment and products but an excellent support and training service for any potential business wanting to introduce this new system to their clients. For more details, contact Simone Head on 282 688 347 or 918 940 576.

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