St Patrick’s walk in the sunshine

A truly memorable, sun-kissed day in the beautiful Algarve

Members and friends of the St Patrick’s Association recently assembled at Villa Paradis Restaurant/Café in Praia Grande, central Algarve, for the group’s latest walk.

Proprietors, Laurent and Christophe, served delicious chocolate croissants and coffee, nicely setting up the group for their trail in the sunshine across countryside, beach, and boardwalk.

After giving way to riders on horseback from the nearby equestrian school, the trek commenced across flat, tree-lined countryside in the direction of Armação de Pêra.

The group then traversed gentle, rustic terrain, pausing occasionally to admire the early spring flowers. From there, it was a short hop to the beautiful beach by the ocean’s edge, and an invigorating stride in the direction of Galé.

Salgados lagoon

Next port of call was the Salgados lagoon boardwalk, in an area renowned for wildlife and fauna, before the route’s final stage on the quiet country road leading back to Villa Paradis.

Everyone enjoyed an excellent, plentiful lunch, accompanied by generous amounts of refreshments, including wine.

The group of 40 members were unanimous in their praise of Laurent and Christophe, who provided fantastic service in a relaxed environment, to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Most certainly a truly memorable, sun-kissed day in the beautiful Algarve.

Anyone wishing to join the St Patrick’s Association should contact Teresa Ferreira at [email protected]