St Martin’s Trophy

Ahlers Lindley, Cascais Marina and the Clube Naval de Cascais will, once again, celebrate St Martin’s day on November 11, by holding a sailing regatta at Cascais Marina on November 6 and 7.

São Martinho, as he is known in Portuguese, made a name for himself by his kindness in giving food and clothing to the poor. On one occasion, when riding his horse, he saw a man without any clothes and so, drawing his sword, he cut off his own clothes and gave them to the man. This day is celebrated in Portugal with light wine, hot soup and chestnuts.

It is in this way that the participants of the racing on Saturday, November 6, will be rewarded for their efforts at the end of the day. Racing will start at 2pm on November 6 and 12pm on November 7. There will be two races each day for IRC and ANC yachts and sports boats. The weather should be good for the weekend’s racing, because, traditionally, the period around St Martin’s day is known as St Martin’s summer. This is because, despite November being an autumn month, the weather is invariably good around St Martin’s day.

Given the right wind conditions, spectators should be able to have a good view of the racing from the marina, while also having the opportunity to enjoy the restaurants, coffee bars and shops in the marina.

The Ahlers Lindley group of companies was established in 1930 and is based at Alcoitão, Cascais. The companies’ business has evolved from mining, chemical and paper, to cargo handling, cranes, travel lifts, marina equipment and navigational aids. As the company has been responsible for the manufacture or supply of pontoons and other marina equipment for most of the marinas in Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, it is good to see their support for racing at this weekend’s regatta, organised by the Clube Naval.

The chairman of this group of companies is Charles Lindley, Charles’ son, Patrick Lindley, is managing director of their new company in Barcelona, Luís Dias is managing director of Lindley-Marinas, and Guilherme Arriaga is managing director of Almovi. For more information on these companies visit their websites at, and – Martin Northey