Romeu and Louise de Almeida
Romeu and Louise de Almeida. Photo: Twitter

St Helier blast victims finally laid to rest in Vagos

The Portuguese couple who died in an horrific explosion in a residential block in St Helier, Jersey, last month, are finally being laid to rest in the parish of Sosa, in the borough of Vagos (Aveiro district). Romeu and Louise de Almeida had been living in Jersey for more than a decade, but have family still living in Vagos. They were among the nine immediate fatalities of the explosion – a 10th victim has also since died – the cause of which is still unclear. It has always been presumed that ‘a gas leak’ caused the collapse of the three storey residential block, but as the block itself had no gas piping, this explanation is not sufficient. Earlier this month, the London Evening Standard said the cause was still “unknown”.