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St George raises 600 euros

Contributed by Jenny Grainer

ST GEORGE’S night was celebrated three days early in Portimão when 55 people gathered at Mariners Restaurant for the occasion to raise funds for two charities.

Master of ceremonies, thoroughly English (Sir) John Havery ran the tongue-in-cheek proceedings. Also present to safeguard political correctness was the British (Scottish) Consul to the Algarve, Bill Henderson, accompanied by his wife, and the chairman of the Royal British Legion, Peter Wilkinson, likewise accompanied by his wife.

A three course meal was served, with the roast beef ceremoniously shown to the guests by the kilted, also Scottish, owner of the restaurant, James Harley. Sir John then performed the ceremonial slaughter of the Dragon and after it was rendered harmless, ordered its removal to the kitchen to be sliced and served.

Many entertainments were provided by some of the talented guests present (all members of the Algarveans Theatre Group) and rousing English songs were also sung. A toast in Port wine was drunk to Her Royal Majesty in the presence of her portrait, kindly on loan from the British Consulate, and a good time was had by all.

Thanks go to all who gave raffle prizes and those who bought the tickets. The evening raised an 600 euros to be evenly distributed between the Bombeiros Voluntários de Lagoa and the Royal British Legion.

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