St Dominic’s interpretation of Hamlet

ST. DOMINIC’S International School is to present its first ever Shakespeare play, Hamlet. Under the directorial supervision of Madeline Raynolds, the show is coming together and the cast, aged between 15 and 17, are getting excited.

Pedro Moreira, who has entertained audiences for years with his obvious talent, has been given the demanding role of Hamlet. “It’s a very challenging part, but seeing such a play in the process is very motivating,” he commented.

The play keeps its beautiful Shakespearean language, but is a reduced version. The play is set in the context of the fear of living in this new age of terror.

“We try to live productive lives against the backdrop of senseless killing, suicide bombers and the violence of Iraq. Uncertainty is something that the human mind does not like very much. The question of ‘to be or not to be’ takes on new meaning in our time,” said Jessica Woolfson, who plays the part of Horatia. “It’s great how we have kept the language, but modernised it, so that the younger audiences can feel more in touch with what we are presenting to them.”

The play will be performed on Thursday June 23, Friday June 24, and Saturday June 25, at St. Dominic’s International School. Tickets cost five euros and will be sold at the gate.