“Spy” released from Monsanto high-security as campaign to clear his name steps up

The so-called Portuguese spy caught “in flagrante” allegedly selling NATO secrets to the Russians in Rome last month has been released from Monsanto’s high-security prison and is now home under house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet as the campaign to clear his name moves forwards.

In the words of his lawyer José Preto, the “first phase is complete. He is home”.

“The flagellation of the defendant, at least in terms of how it has been for the last month, has finished.”

Now begins the next phase in which Preto claims he will set out to show his client has been made a scapegoat (click here).

For now, 57-year-old Frederico Carvalhão Gil remains “strongly suspected” of the crimes of espionage, violation of State secrets and corruption.

José Preto has already been highly critical of press reporting of his client’s story, saying if Gil was indeed caught “in flagrante”, authorities “should publish the evidence” to back the claim up.

Not to do so is simply “victimising a fine man for the mere necessity of propaganda”, he told the Resident (click here).

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