Springtime home improvements with Penguin

Established over ten years, Penguin began as a small firm serving the Almancil area, but steadily expanded to become an Algarve-wide operation with over 30 staff members and a busy fleet of service vans. In 2016 the company was rated Algarve’s leading air-conditioning installer by “Proteste” magazine (equivalent of “Which?” in the UK), published by Portugal’s national consumer association (DECO).

Today, Penguin is the leading installer of energy-efficient home heating and cooling systems, working also with developers, builders and architects to design and install fully-integrated heating and cooling systems for new homes from the foundations up. Their full range of installation expertise now embraces air conditioning, solar hot water and solar photovoltaic, underfloor and central heating, heat pumps (for homes and pools) and pool covers.

And now they’ve just launched a special spring promotion with 50% discount off installation charges for all air conditioning and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Sales director, Carlos Costa, comments: “This offer will be of interest to anyone looking to improve their home systems during the April-May period. The discount applies to installation charges rather than to equipment costs, but nonetheless offers significant benefits: for standard air-con systems a handy saving of around € 200, whilst for more complex systems – especially PV solar installations – this can amount to well in excess of € 500.”

So, for anyone looking to make springtime home improvements with useful discount benefits, it’s time to call Penguin!

(+351) 289 092 595
(+351) 910 700 777
[email protected] | www.penguinalgarve.com

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