1. Alphabetically, which are the first three racecourses in Britain? (three points)

2. Which three football clubs were promoted to the Premiership at the end of last season? (three points)

3.  What sport was Joe DiMaggio famous for? (one point)

4. What takes place in a velodrome? (one point)

5. How many times can a horse win the Epsom Derby? (one point)

6. Who was the last English winner of the women’s singles title at Wimbledon? (one point)

7.  Who are the only two sportsmen to have won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award twice? (two points)

8. Which African country staged ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman? (one point)

9. Which athlete won the 1988 Seoul Olympics 100m race in world record time only to be disqualified for drug offences? (one point)

10. Which were the three Portuguese-speaking countries at this year’s World Cup in Germany? (three points)

11. Which city will host the 2012 Olympic Games? (one point)

12. Which country won the last rugby union Six Nations Grand Slam? (one point)

13. What sport does a toxophilite practice? (one point)

14. What are the maximum possible scores in snooker, darts and ten-pin bowling?   (three points)

15. What is the national sport of Malaysia and Indonesia? (two points)

16. For which three first-class cricket counties did Ian Botham play? (three points)

17. In which sport was a glass wall introduced in 1971? (one point)

18. Who is the last person to cross the finishing line in a university boat race? (one point)

19. How many of the eight British drivers that have won the Formula One World Championship can you name? (eight points)

20. Which two football players reached number 12 in the UK charts with the song Diamond Lights? (two points)

The answers are given below. How did you do?

Rating: 0-10 Christmas turkey, 11-20 amateur, 21-30 professional,

31-39 world class, 40 cheat!


1. Aintree, Ascot, Ayr; 2. Reading, Sheffield Utd.,Watford; 3. Baseball; 4. Bicycle races; 5.Once; 6. Virginia Wade; 7. Damon Hill, Henry Cooper; 8. Zaire; 9. Ben Johnson; 10. Portugal, Brazil, Angola; 11. London; 12. Wales; 13. Archery; 14. 147, 180, 300; 15. Badminton; 16.Somerset, Worcestershire, Durham; 17. Squash; 18. The (losing) Cox; 19. Nigel Mansell, James Hunt, Jackie Stewart, John Surtees, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Damon Hill, Mike Hawthorn; 20. Glenn Hoddle, Chris Waddle.

Happy Christmas!