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Sports programme for the disabled

FOR THE first time ever, the Algarve will have a regional programme of adapted sports for disabled athletes.

The programme will run until 2009, with the objective of promoting and encouraging the disabled to play sports. The programme, spearheaded by civil governor, António Pina, will be managed by the regional social security centre, the Regional Directive for Education in the Algarve, the Portuguese Institute of Sport and 11 local institutions.

The programme is aimed at people with all types of disabilities, who are resident in the Algarve or are visitors to the region and is open to everybody, regardless of age and social status. Sports available include judo, swimming, golf, horse riding, sailing, fencing and archery among others.

The programme will be funded by both private and public associations. According to the Assistant Secretary of State for Rehabilitation Idália Moniz: “The practice of sporting activities is essential for these people in their daily lives, improving their physical condition, self esteem and their interaction with society.”

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