Sports complex to be completed after four-year hiatus

It’s been “on hold” and left to abandon for four years in the heart of Portimão, but at last work is due to re-start on the town’s once-thriving Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo sports complex.

Portimão council has announced that it has reached an agreement which should see completion “by the end of the year”.

The complex’s renovation began in January 2010 but was suspended in June 2011 as the council ran out of money to pay the contractor.

The new agreement means issues that had gone to court have been settled, says the council.

Representing a €1.2 million investment, the sports complex is still short of €460,000-worth of construction.

Before the hiatus, the Gimnodesportivo was a popular venue for sports events as well as a main training location for local teams.

Once renovations are complete, the sports complex is scheduled to boast “a main sports ground, four changing rooms, four “sports rooms” with six changing rooms, a changing room for referees, four public bathrooms and two bathrooms for the disabled, two reception desks and a secretariat”.

The complex will have 325 seats – with 14 specially-adapted for the physically disabled; a natural gas system and photovoltaic panels.