Spooky dishes on the menu

A spoof menu which includes lizard soup, black cat meat, and various other frightening recipes, all accompanied by Dracula’s blood is the tongue-in-cheek list of superstitious culinary inventions to mark the 37th dinner of Friday the 13th, which takes place in the Ponte Romana restaurant in Silves on the said date.

This unique event is organised each year by the Lagoa-based magician and author Professor Herrero and aims to debunk the superstitions and macabre beliefs associated with Friday the 13th.

Guests must dress in black and are seated in groups of 13 around the table, where knives and forks are crossed, salt is spilled and thrown over the left shoulder, umbrellas are opened and broken mirrors are on display.

It’s all designed to create the ultimate macabre atmosphere and a tunnel of horror leads from the restaurant entrance to the dining area, where guests pass a coffin containing the ‘body of Dracula.’

Professor Herrero said: “The idea of dinner is to contradict the superstitions, witchcraft and harmful beliefs that condition the human being.”