Spending in the Algarve

Dear Editor,

It was good to read that ACRAL and some other entities are doing their absolute best to encourage spending in the Algarve – despite the fact that they may not have been as successful as they had hoped viz-a-viz the Stock Out Sales.

However on the same page João Rosado commented that he hoped Algarvean companies would think internationally.

Having worked for several international companies in the dim and distant past (before I came to the Algarve to enjoy the wine and the beaches),I can only comment that the whole work ethic in Europe needs careful scrutiny and reworking (no pun intended) before many businesses here would be considered seriously in the international market.

I have always been a positive person, but truly I would love to hear through your pages from companies who believe that they have the forethought, planning, skills and ability to enter a dog-eat-dog business sector.

What concerns me equally is the brain drain from Portugal of the young graduates, who may have been able to put their stamp on this lovely country over the next couple of decades.

Europe is in a mess and Portugal is in a mess.  I wish all those in business here, the tenacity to succeed through these troubled times – and I thank god each night that I am no longer in the rat race.

Raymond Frericks

By email