Speed traps to be changed

LISBON CÂMARA will soon install new speed traps on the city’s North-South Bypass.

It will also add the radar traps on Avenida Alfredo Bem Saúde while removing others in Avenida dos EUA and the Benfica Radial road.

According to the weekend newspaper Sol, the measures are gaining ground among members of the Lisbon Radar Commission (Comissão de Acompanhamento dos Radares de Lisboa), which is to make recommendations before approving the speed traps on March 27.

The recommendation document is then to be handed in to Lisbon Câmara for ratification, which will have the final say on the future position of radar speed traps in the city.

More speed cameras are also to be put in on the Second Circular ring road in addition to the actual three in existence – a decision that was unanimously approved by the Commission.

However, the Câmara’s current difficult financial situation is likely to affect its traffic control options in the future as to the number of traps it can afford to purchase.

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