Speed traps don’t pass the test

PIECES OF paper are putting sophisticated new speed traps, which Lisbon Câmara heralded last year as virtually vandal proof, out of action.

It has been discovered that the detection radars on Lisbon’s orbital segunda circular road, placed in security boxes at ground level, can be deactivated by placing a piece of card over the lens, making it impossible for the cameras inside the traps to snap speeding vehicles capturing their registration plates.

The fact they are so low down to the ground makes it easy for ill-intentioned motorists to try and destroy them or cover up the lens.

Luísa Folque, assessor for the câmara’s department of mobility accepts that “this can happen”, but claimed she hadn’t heard of any cases where speed traps were put out of action.

She also said that after being installed and switched on the radars were regularly inspected by câmara vans to make sure they were all in proper working order.

Several radars have been temporarily taken off for tests.

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