I was going to suggest that you start an ‘Oddities Corner’, but I suppose it would fill the whole paper! However, even though I am accustomed to life’s oddities, the latest one in my life takes some beating.

I went to E.Leclerc in Portimão to collect a friend. I walked through the barrier into the display area and was shouted at by the security guy. I only wanted to proceed to the start of the first aisle where my friend was looking at something (about three metres away) to let her know I was waiting outside. But no, I must show what I am carrying.

I was momentarily puzzled, but unwrapped the plastic I was carrying to show that it only contained my cheque book and wallet. I was told I had to deposit these at the information desk.

I object to being told to leave my wallet with anybody, but supposing I had actually wanted to do some shopping, how would I have paid for my purchases? However, I was told by the security guy that it was company policy to demand that people hand over their wallets before entering the store! Sorry, but I cannot think of a punch line. I’m speechless.

John Clare