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The Spectrum IFA Group has specialised in offering high-quality, impartial, and transparent financial advice to expatriates in the EU for nearly 20 years, with over 50 advisers across Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Malta.

With expertise in the areas of pensions, investments, and cross-border tax planning, our advisers can guide you on each step of your journey.

If you are considering a new life in Portugal, it is important to plan early to take full advantage of the financial planning possibilities available. If you have already moved, you should ensure that you are in the best financial position going forward — there are still many opportunities for you.

The key is planning. Whether that be for building and preserving your wealth, income during your lifetime or security for your family thereafter, we are here to guide you.

Mark Quinn has lived in Portugal since 2014 and is a dual-qualified Chartered Financial Planner and Tax Adviser.

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