Specialists in vision

With over 25 years experience in providing health care for eyes, SN&N Optico continues to build on their reputation, not only in Lagos but all along the Algarve, offering services in English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Swahili and Gujarati.

Managing Director, Brian Neville explains that “this time last year only 7% of our patients were Portuguese. I have looked at numbers recently and, a year on, that number has now increased to around 45%. Our perseverance and great service is beginning to pay off. This goes a long way to ensuring stability and longevity for the company. If we can build further on this, we can invest even more into the business and therefore increase the services we offer.”

SN&N Optico have recently taken delivery of a lot of new stock; Maggie Rouff and Lollipops ranges from Paris for the more discerning ladies out there, in addition to Air-Light and Air-Pro, also from France, which offer light weight and a minimalistic look in pastel shades for men and women.

The company continues to steer clear of the mainstream products by the well known high street names such as Prada, Gucci, D&G, etc.

“The problem in Portugal is that most opticians sell the same products. It’s almost like a massive franchise. What we do is source top quality products that aren’t available anywhere else in Portugal. Even our budget range isn’t available in Portugal and the quality of our products is second to none,” concludes Brian.

For more information about SN&N Optico or to book an appointment, please contact: 282 761 506 or visit: www.snnoptico.com.