Specialist offers tips for using Facebook

Is frequent posting your idea of effective advertising on Facebook? If it is, you’re doing it all wrong, says marketing graduate Vírginia Coutinho, who has just launched a book about the social network entitled ‘The Social Book’. The publication is aimed at people and companies who use Facebook to promote their business.
“Too many posts is the No 1 reason people stop following Facebook pages,” Coutinho told Renascença radio station.
“For example, if you post 10 pictures in a row, your followers will open their news ‘feed’ and only see your publications. They might get frustrated and remove their ‘like’”.
According to Coutinho, the key to using Facebook as a valid medium for companies is to first come up with an efficient strategy. Then, develop a page with a moderate amount of quality content, all the time checking to see how the public reacts.
“Most companies create a page but then run it in a very amateur way, not being able to take advantage of the social network’s potential,” she explained.
Coutinho stressed that Facebook has 1.3 billion users all over the world – 5 million of which in Portugal – making it a “very attractive tool for all kinds of companies, from dentists and manicurists to big enterprises”.