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Specialist health care in Carvoeiro

SPINAL SURGEON and general orthopaedic and trauma specialist Prof. Dr Jorge Mineiro is now giving monthly consultations at Dr Robert Popken’s medical surgery in Carvoeiro.

With more than 15 years of experience in his field, Dr Jorge Mineiro decided to set up this regular clinic because Dr Popken often refers patients to the CUF Descobertos hospital in Lisbon, where he works.

“This way I can see my patients in the Algarve without them having the discomfort and inconvenience of travelling across the country to see me,” he said.

Prior to returning to Portugal, Dr Jorge Mineiro worked for several years in orthopaedic departments of British hospitals in Oxfordshire, including the Princess Margaret hospital in Swindon and in the trauma unit of the John Radcliffe in Oxford.

Rehabilitative care

“I specialised in orthopaedics, especially back problems and spine surgery, which I find very interesting.” he said. “Spine surgery is quite a risky task but I enjoy it and I work with a wonderful team of surgeons in Lisbon.”

In the long term, Dr Jorge Mineiro hopes to establish a good relationship with patients in the Algarve, giving them access to rehabilitative care in their local area.

“It is important for people to have access to someone, especially in the first few days after surgery because they will have lots of questions about how to cope with everyday tasks such as how to get out of bed and how to sit down,” he said.

Dr Jorge Mineiro speaks fluent English and will be available for consultations at the clinic in Carvoeiro one Saturday every month.

For more information or to book a consultation, please telephone 282 356 034 or 282 356 995.