“Special One” also faces tax fraud charges in Spain

Portugal’s “Special One” football manager José Mourinho learnt today that he too is being formerly cited for fiscal fraud.

The amounts being bandied about are not on a par with Ronaldo’s alleged crimes (“hiding €14.7 million generated in image rights income), but they involve millions all the same.

According to Spanish media, Mourinho is accused of “defrauding” the country’s tax department of over €3 million.

RTP news has been more specific, putting the figure at €3.3 million.

The charges relate to the years 2011-2012 when Mourinho managed Real Madrid, and involve the alleged use of the same “business structure” of offshore companies cited in Ronaldo’s investigation.

According to Spanish prosecutors Mourinho failed to declare image rights income when he submitted his tax returns in the relevant years “with the intention of deriving unlawful benefit”.

This ‘scandal’ has been long-brewing and was splashed across the world’s front pages last year, under the heading of “Football Leaks” (click here).

But as the UK Guardian explains, Mourinho has yet to comment on the claims.

What happens next is that a Spanish judge will decide whether this new matter will go to court.

Ronaldo, meantime, is due to go before magistrates on July 31 to answer the accusations lodged against him.

The country’s football hero has repeatedly said that he has nothing to hide.

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