Special deal offers Algarve residents 50% discount on boat trips

Albufeira boat trip company AlgarExperience is offering Algarve residents a 50% discount off all of its activities starting on Thursday (September 15).

The special offer will continue until the company closes for winter (October or November, depending on weather conditions).

“We want to offer residents an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of our coast and water-based activities at lower prices,” says the company.

Locals of any nationality can enjoy the discount – and bring along with them a guest who may not be a resident, but can still enjoy the off-season offer.

All people need to show when making their bookings – either at the company’s HQ or by email – is documentation proving they live in the Algarve.

AlgarExperience means to run this special deal every year during the low season (February to April and from mid-September to the winter break).

For more information, contact AlgarExperience.

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