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Special boat trip for raffle winners

Charity and luxury came together when Jimmy and Dawn Goodfellow received their prize after entering a charity raffle organised by Riding for the Disabled Barlavento.

The couple won a cruise on the luxury boat owned by part-time Algarve residents Leo an Anka Deuzman after buying a raffle ticket from fund raisers of Riding for the Disabled Barlavento.

Frank Bulmer from Riding for the Disabled Barlavento told the Algarve Resident: “We are always trying to raise funds for the charity and the raffle was another way to do this with over €800 coming from the initiative that was part of our royal wedding celebrations in April.”

He added: “We are lucky to have so many people who want to help out the charity, some coming as volunteers, some raising money and others, like Leo and Anka, offering great prizes such as this trip on their private boat moored in Lagos.”

Riding for the Disabled Barlavento offers specialist therapy using horses for children and adults of all ages with volunteer Tania Rai, who recently became qualified in Hipotherapy, working with physiotherapists, doctors, care workers and psychologists to offer specially tailored services for those who require the help from the charity.

“It is amazing how just sitting on a horse can help the children and adults in so many ways, from their posture, muscle definition and even with their speech,” said Frank Bulmer.

For further information about Riding for the Disabled Barlavento, please visit or call 282 688 330